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The LEAF Collection: Nature sets the most beautiful example. Gently curving lines join to form an organic whole that gently embraces body and soul. Man also blossoms in nature. What could be more inspiring than a bed of roses? But, the course of nature prevents keeping such a priceless treasure. And yet, nature can be the model for extraordinary creations like the new LEAF Collection.

The graceful shape of elegantly curved leaves is the spin-off for this unique beach chair. Two colors – java and seagrass – encourage sensual high spirits and enable us to be one with nature. A leaf’s natural shape with its light division running down its length creates a gentle depression for relaxed lounging. A comfortable cushion made of breathable foam rubber has been integrated into the top of the beach chair. LEAF’s perfect complement is the matching overlay made of soft, thick cotton. The beach chairs rest on four stationary points and always give the needed support.

In 2005, LEAF was given the “Award for Outstanding Design”. An internationally recognized design prize awarded by the British Interior Design Association. In 2006, the LEAF beach chair was awarded the red dot design award for product design – one of Europe’s most important design prizes.

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