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LOUNGE by Frank Ligthart raises simplicity to an art. The collection’s clean, balanced, rectilinear modules come together in an endless variety of seating arrangements, enabling users to create the perfect outdoor lounge for any environment. A 45-degree curved module offers a modern touch, greater flexibility and even more opportunities for creative LOUNGE configurations, from snaking patterns to semi-enclosed conversation circles. Depending one’s viewing angle, new DEDON Fiber Taupe Duet, exclusively for LOUNGE, appears to shift in color from light beige to dark grey.

In conceiving LOUNGE, Ligthart was inspired by the challenge to create the world’s first truly modular outdoor system. Influenced by minimalist precepts, the designer opted for rigorous simplicity. One of DEDON’s earliest collections, LOUNGE is as simple, striking and versatile today as ever. Though it has expanded over time, it remains true to its original premise, Less is more.

LOUNGE is generously proportioned yet relatively compact. Clean, consistent lines accentuate the basic modular concept. A unique bracketing system keeps the modules in place, while thick cushions ensure maximum comfort from this minimalist design. The collection is available in colors of Java, Bleach and Taupe Duet. Developed exclusively for LOUNGE, Bleach has a charming patina reminiscent of sun-weathered California beach houses.

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