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With its expansive backrests and deep seating, MBARQ by Sebastian Herkner envelopes users in privacy and protective comfort. Inspired by the traditional form of the indoor alcove, the modular collection gives structure to open outdoor spaces, defining areas in which to work, rest or engage in conversation. MBARQ’s eye-catching organic forms, vivid color play and semi-transparent weave bring a poetic touch to any setting, inviting users to embark on a journey of the imagination.

In conceiving MBARQ, Herkner aimed to define a space in which to relax, chat or concentrate. He drew inspiration from the traditional form of the indoor alcove, transporting its essence to the outdoors. “I see the collection as a working and meeting nest,” the designer says. “Placing two sofas opposite of each other gives you a kind of open room in nature.”

MBARQ is a versatile outdoor seating system comprising sofa modules, daybed modules and a footstool. The collection is characterized by deep cushions and a choice of organically shaped backs in different heights. A semi-transparent, triaxial weave of DEDON Fiber creates a basket effect, enveloping cushions and users alike. Working with three different colors of fiber, Herkner and renowned color specialist Giulio Ridolfo have taken a textile approach to the weave, creating a playful yet sophisticated color world. With a powder-coated aluminum frame in a choice of Terracotta, Nori or Lipari, MBARQ is light, strong and extremely weather-resistant.

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