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Sebastian Herkner’s award-winning MBRACE collection is beloved for its modern material mix. Combining teak, woven fiber and an optional die-cast aluminum base, MBRACE is more distinct and richer than ever before. The aluminum base—available for wing chairs, armchairs, lounge chairs and matching footstools—expands the collection’s visual language while extending its possibilities.

Herkner’s starting point for this award-winning collection was the material mix of multi-colored fiber, warm teak and smooth aluminum. “I wanted to use the traditional technique of the weaving,” he explains, “to create a strong design that was like a gesture—the gesture of embracing someone.” In addition, Herkner was interested in creating outdoor furniture that would be comfortable even off-season, without the cushions.
Working with world-renowned colorist Giulio Ridolfo, Herkner and DEDON have developed unique colorways for the collection. All chairs feature optional cushion sets and wide backrests that envelope users in cozy comfort. Made of solid premium teak, MBRACE dining tables are characterized by their surfboard-like shape and narrow width that facilitates togetherness.

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