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No contradictions: Open, light shapes and breezy outlines are merged with comfort, the ability to stack, and sturdiness in the new SEASHELL collection from DEDON. This design creates the idea of a refuge, while offering a sense of complete protection – it is ready for the beautiful moments in life.

The wide backrests are ergonomically designed, hugging the body comfortably in a timeless design. As a result, people and nature are getting closer in relaxation – inside and outside – during the day and at night. The collection’s open mesh weave underlines the overall impression of lightness, combining practicality and extraordinary shapes. This creates a harmonious combination of organic and geometric forms, naturally beautiful, modern and timeless by design.
All elements of the SEASHELL collection stack and are suitable for large outdoor spaces, such as restaurants, pool areas and terraces, as well as for indoor areas at home.

For more information please feel free to get in touch.

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