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IZON by Arik Levy is a collection of coffee and side tables designed to mix and match, and even overlap. Frames are of powder-coated aluminum in a variety of dimensions. Tabletops come in diverse shapes, sizes and materials, from glass to HPL. With its wide range of options, IZON encourages users to combine materials, colors, planes and proportions, creating unique, layered
table arrangements to suit any setting.

Attracted to simplicity and visual kinetics in his designs, Levy began by searching for what he describes as “a sensation of displacement and movement.” This gave rise to the idea of overlapping horizons and a lateral shifting of both space and surfaces. “I believe this gives a great advantage in our living space,” he says, “because we have the ability to transform it as much as we like. It is a system in space that adapts to the user, and not the opposite.”

IZON is notable for its simplicity, horizontality and flexibility. A powder-coated aluminum frame, available in four colors and a variety of heights and proportions, provides the basis for the system. The frame can be matched with circular, square or rectangular tabletops. While each individual table can stand alone, an elegant form with timeless appeal, it is the freedom to mix elements, shift planes and create unique “tablescapes” that sets IZON apart.

For more information please feel free to get in touch.

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