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The right accessory can bring a new dimension to any outdoor living room, adding a subtle twist, enriching the material mix and helping to complete the overall atmosphere. But what exactly is the right accessory? It has to be beautiful, of course. It has to be interesting. And it ought to be unexpected. In other words, the right accessory for almost any outdoor setting is PORCINI, by Lorenza Bozzoli. Named after the beloved Italian mushrooms it casually resembles, PORCINI is a collection of sculptural side tables as practical and versatile as it is delightful to the eye.

More colors, more materials, more expression: the PORCINI fiber colorways and ceramic tabletop finishes are as diverse as they are distinct. Weaving muted tones in a sophisticated, layered pattern, alba is perfectly in keeping with the collection’s irresistible charm and style. The darker bosco contrasts rich, deep greens with lighter tones for an exquisite balance that’s strong but welcoming, subdued yet inviting. Both fall into DEDON’s rich color world and both accentuate any collection. Available in nori and terra, the hand-crafted ceramic tabletops match these colorways perfectly, and their smooth, sanded edges emphasize the tabletop’s coarser surface while deepening PORCINI’s aesthetic.

All versions of PORCINI come with a ceramic tabletop in either black, taupe, terra or nori. All four are scratch-proof, shock-resistant, and paired with an eyecatching base of woven fiber and rope. Designed to match the four tabletop colors — marrone, carrara, alba and bosco — each base offers its own combination of fiber tones. Alone, the PORCINI coffee and side tables complement any DEDON arrangement. But with four heights, sizes and colorways, the collection delights when combined in a diverse cluster of forms.

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