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ORBIT is the original icon of outdoor furniture design. A new typology of love seat, able to rotate 360° in pursuit of sun, stars or more earthly views, it was a sensation from the moment it launched. Sixteen years on, Richard Frinier’s multiple-award-winning collaboration with DEDON continues to delight, surprise and inspire with its novel design, precision-opening canopy and promise of extraordinary comfort. No wonder people want to jump right in. Fortunately, ORBIT has plenty of room for people, pets and plush cushions.

The idea of ORBIT came to Frinier while he was sitting in his garden in Southern California after watching Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. “I was amazed,” the designer recalls, “by the scene where the transport is on approach to the rotating space station, orbiting around Earth to the music of Johann Strauss. It’s so smooth. From the first, ORBIT was conceived as a series of orbs in space, planets and moons rotating around the sun and stars. It seemed, excuse the pun, revolutionary at the time.”
Perfect for sunbathing, stargazing or the occasional change of scenery, ORBIT rotates on easy-glide castors with just a gentle push. Block the sun, ban the rain or just get some privacy with the elegant cloth-canopy, which features internal aluminum tubing and a corrosion-resistant mechanism for easy opening and closing. Generously proportioned and luxuriously comfortable, ORBIT comes with a circular mattress supported by high-tech Batyline fabrics. For those in need of even more room, ORBIT is also available in an XXL version.

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